Name: Akagi Takenori
Number 4
Height (cm) 197
Weight (kg) 90
Grade 3
Class 6
Birthday 05/10
Junior High Kitamura
Shoe Brand Converse
Position Center
Nickname gorilla
Most Notable Saying "We are strong, we will lead the nationals!"

Akagi Takenori is the tallest player in all Shohoku's team members. Although biased by many fans because of his physical resemblance to a monkey, Akagi is a great team captain. As he leads his interesting team members through out the games, he stands out as the leader of this great team and also a good guide for Sakuragi Hanamichi . Additional Info: Akagi's sister, Haruko, is the one who selected Hanamichi out of the freshmen students and introduced Hanamichi to the sports known as Basketball.

By looking at his face, its is very hard to believe that he has a pretty sister Haruko. He had a dream of making Shohoku the top in the country. Eventually, after the recruit of Rukawa, Sakuragi, Mitsui and Ryota, Shohoku successfully entered the IH League. Unfortunately they weren't successful in topping the country, but they made an outstanding result of defeating the No1 team in the country, Sanoh.




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