Slamdunk is an anime/manga mainly about basketball and all sort of things mixed together. Hanamichi Sakuragi, a freshman on Shohoku High, met a girl named Haruko. He fell in love with her and decided to join the basketball team which she introduces to him. Before, he hated basketball and he soon challenged the captain of the basketball team, Akagi Takenori. In embarrassment, Hanamichi won because of his incredible tactic. Akagi let him join when Hanamichi cleaned the whole gym and even polished the balls. He met Rukawa Kaede, his best rival and friend. Rukawa always teases him and makes Hanamichi mad. Upon joining, he met Kogure and the other bench warmers of the team. He also met the beautiful and strict manager, Ayako-chan. Before the elimination, Shohoku decided to have a ball prctice with Ryonan High. Although they didn't won, they continued to train themselves. Later, they met Ryota Miyagi. He was first a rival of Hanamichi but it soon faded. Upon summoning Ryota, they faced an uncontrollable fight from Mitsui and his gang who forcedly challenged everyone to a fight. The fight was finally over when Mr. Anzai appered before them all. After that incident, Mitsui joined the team.

All of them continued their training. Until, the elimination day has come. They faced other schools and no doubt, won. They also faced the famous Shoyo, where they met Fujima, the coach and the captain of the team. However, Shoyo lost. After some more fights, they finally faced Kainandai High, Where they experienced defeat and injuries. It was actually depressing. But, they continued on. They faced Ryonan High next. Almost everything was perfect until Shohoku won. The Ryonan was shocked and almost all of them cried. Shohoku only got the second place and making Kainandai High the champion. The MVP awardees are: Rukawa, Akagi, Uozumi, Sendoh and Maki.

Kogure Kiminobu
As a senior, Kogure Kiminobu seems be the most mature of all the team members. Although his basketball skill is not among the very best in the team, he insists on learning and helping others. Many team members respect the vice - captain for his personality and his determination.

Coach Mitsuyoshi Anzai
Previously known as white-hair devil, Anzai sensei changed his coaching style after retiring from college basketball team-coaching. Now, Anzai sensei is known as the white-hair buddist.

Team Manager Ayako
Gorgeous lady in the Shohoku team's bench is the b'ball club manager and stats keeper, Ayako. She is the love interest of Ryota Miyagi. According to Ryota, Ayako inspired him to pursue senior high school basketball. Though she always looks boyish , Aya-chan can really be a fine lady at times.

Haruko Akagi
Haruko discovered Sakuragi Hanamichi on the first day of the first day of high school and taught Sakuragi the meaning of "Slam Dunk". She secretly admires Rukuwa and attends all the important games Shohoku engages to cheer for the Shohoku team members.

Team Captain of the Karate Club Tatsuhiko Aota
Aota consecutively attempts to steal Sakuragi away from the basketball team and make him join the Karate Club (all attempts failed). Aota is also Akagi's childhood friend, due to their different hobbies (karate vs. Basketball), the two eventually grown to be rivals.

Sakuragi's Army (1st years)
Mito, Takamiya, Ookusu and Noma. They are Sakuragi's closest friends eversince junior high days. Though at first they look like fearsome gangsters, they have the same attribute as Hanamichi, they look tough but they're just kind and approachable persons who likes to fool around.

Rukawa's cheering squad (probably 1st years)
At first it consists of three die-hard Rukawa fans, each equally annoying as the other, but had multiplied to 20 or so. They didn't seemed to miss a single Shohoku's game, always cheering for Rukawa at the same time disturbing other Shohoku players specially Hanamichi.



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