The most successful Basketball team in Kanagawa, which won the championship in the last 17 years, is headed by MVP pointguard Maki and a great-3 point shooter Jin. They are not a team with the best players in the region but composed of the most disciplined ones, and that pretty much explains their success. With 2 great scorers and a very good supporting cast they are still the team to beat. Maki says that the reason why Kainan is in the top is that they don't underestimate their opponent..


Name: Shinichi Maki
A.K.A.: Middle-age man/ Kanagawa's number one
Age: 17 yrs. old
Height: 184 cm
Weight: 79 kg
School: Kainan Univ. High school
Grade: Third year
Position: Point guard
Jersey no.: number 4
Special move: Drive-in-fishing-for-a-foul play
Hobbies: Playing basketball
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When we talk about the team Kainan, we talk about their star player Shinichi Maki. His style of play and the success of his b'ball career symbolizes the very essence of Kainan's long reign as Kanagawa's champion team. If we analyze Maki's style of play, there are only three words to describe it: Simple yet effective.

Because of his numerous basketball career achievement, Maki is a well known sports figure in places outside kanagawa and has developed respect from other b'ball players. Physically and attitude-wise, he is certainly very mature.

Name: Soichiro Jin
A.K.A.: Jiji (?)
Age: 16 yrs. old
Height: 189 cm
Weight: 71 kg
School: Kainan Univ. High school
Grade: Second year
Position: Shooting guard
Jersey no.: number 6
Noticeable feature: Innocent baby face looks
Hobbies: Playing basketball

Being the most steadiest 3-point shooter in the tournament, Jin was a hands-down choice for one of the Kanagawa's Best five . Though he looks innocent, Jin can be as deadly as any Mitsui-kind-of-player in the hardcourt.

He used to play center position in junior high, but when he went to Kainan Univ., a skinny player like Jin could not hold his ground against more competitive centers. So he had to cope up. He began doing 500 3-pt shot every after team practices. Thus, Jin became a vital part in Kainan's offensive attack as a shooting guard.

Maki's attack would be reduced to half of its efficiency without this guy here. Just as what Shohoku did in their game against Kainan.

Name: Nobunaga Kiyota
A.K.A.: Wild monkey
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 65 kg
School: Kainan Univ. High school
Grade: First Year
Position: Small forward
Jersey no.: number 10
Noticeable features: Long hair ala rock star
Accesories: Head band
Hobbies: Playing basketball and cooking
Most Notable Saying

When you based it in his attitude, he can also be called the shame of kainan. However, like Sakuragi of Shohoku, his good ability to play basketball seems to conpensate for his immature behavior

Kiyota always like to play one-on-one with Rukawa, though he always ends up losing in the process. Looking to the bright side, Kiyota showed his great defensive prowess when he limited Rukawa in the remainder of the second half. This goes to show us that this guy is no push over when he decides to concentrate on his game.

Additional comment: This guy has great leaping abilities for someone whose height is only 5'10 or 178 cm.


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