Name: Mitsui Hisashi
Number 14
Height (cm) 184
Weight (kg) 70
Grade 3
Class 3
Birthday 05/22
Junior High
Shoe Brand Asics
Position Shooting Guard
Nickname mit-chin
Most Notable Saying "I want to play basketball" - to Anzai Sensei

Mitsui Hisashi carries a very complicated life. Once a great basket ball player, Mitsui Hisashi abandoned the hobby for two years. While wandering near the edge of life everyday as a famous school gangster, Mitsui lost much of his sharp skills and physical abilities. As a senior in high school, Mitsui once again joins Shohoku's basketball team and reunited with basketball. As time goes on, Mitsui Hisashi will gradually regain his unique talent in the sport and become the star he used to be. Additional info: He was the key player in Shohoku's game against Shoyo. We will feel Mitsui's his struggle and determination to win reflected from his consecutive 3 pointer shoots!

He is very devoted to Anzai-sensei because of the encouragement that was given to him in the final seconds of the elementary school basketball tournament. An excellent three point shooter, although he also was chosen as Most Valuable Player in that tournament. Like Rukawa, he does not have a lot of stamina, probably because he didn't do sports his first two years in high school. He is also one of the most head-strong member of the team, he actually became acquainted with the rest of the team members from fighting.



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