Name: Ryota Miyagi
Number 7
Height (cm) 168
Weight (kg) 59
Grade 2
Class 1
Birthday 07/31
Junior High
Shoe Brand Converse
Position Point Guard
Most Notable Saying "Aya-chan!"

Other than his height, Miyagi Ryota is excellent in nearly all other areas. Well known for his fighting abilities, Miyagi is a terrific baskeball player and is also willing to support his team members. The guy is a close friend of all the other members and is looking forward to his future position as Shohoku's basketball team captain. Additional Info: Aya's chan! Shohoku's team manager is the primary motivation for Miyagi's to become the #1 point guard in the region!

In love with Ayako, like Hanamichi, he joined basketball to impress the girl he likes. With such similarity, Miyagi and Sakuragi became bext buddies in the team. He is fast and his small stature allows him a lot of mobility. He succeeded Akagi as captain of Shohoku basketball team after Akagi graduated from Shohoku.




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