It has Sendoh playing either pointguard or small forward position, Fukuda on the power forward and big Jun on the center slot... though it's a very tough frontline when you go to dig for other players on its roster, you can say that these three are the only light you'll see with ryonan... If remove one of these three, it would be a big hole to fill in. A good team nevertheless with an ace like Sendoh.


Name: Akira Sendoh
A.K.A.: Ace of Ryonan
Age: 16 yrs. old
Height: 190 cm
Weight: 79 kg
School: Ryonan high (Kitazawagakuen Jr in Tokyo)
Grade: Second year
Position: forward / point guard
Jersey no.: number 7
Position Power Forward
Hobbies: Playing basketball and fishing
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Regarded as a player who can match anybody in the Kanagawa district, Sendoh had establish his name early in his freshmen years. With stunning looks, good haircut and a mild personality, He is an ideal player to be admired. Incidentally, Sendoh is also the main rival of Rukawa.

Sendoh, being the ace of Ryonan, is a very good team leader. This is the reason why the whole ryonan team trust on him. But one aspect that makes him a good player is that his ability to score is equal to his ability to pass. Kinda like a double edge sword.

Name: Kiccho Fukuda
A.K.A.: Fuku
Height: 188 cm
Weight: 80 kg
School: Ryonan high
Grade: Second year
Position: Power forward
Jersey no.: number 13
Hobbies: Playing basketball
Most Notable Saying "sakuragi, I already won!"

He is the second lead scorer in his team behind Sendoh and the Ryonan counterpart of Shohoku's Hanamichi. He missed the practice game with Shohoku as a punishment for attacking Taoka Sensei.

Due to his suspension, Fukuda didn't play basketball for a long time. Basketball court playground in Japan are rare and can be only be found in school gyms. That's why Fukuda longed to play basketball. In his return however he showed everybody that he can be a good scoring patner for Sendoh.

Fukuda is a man with pride. He yearns for praises and appreciations for his ability. It was observed that the more you praise him, the more that he performs at his best. He is a good player but is weak in defense and inconsistent with his perimeter shots.

Name: Jun Uozumi
A.K.A.: Boss monkey, Big jun
Age: 17 yrs. old
Height: 202 cm
Weight: 90 kg
School: Ryonan high
Grade: Third year
Position: Center
Jersey no.: number 4
Position Power Forward
Hobbies: Playing basketball and cooking
Most Notable Saying "I will defeat akagi"

Big Jun, Akagi's rival in the center slot, has the height and bulk. He relies on his brute force to score inside the paint. As a captain, he is not much of a leader ( he openly admits that...) and often that he loses his cool and patience during a game. He is the tallest player in Kanagawa.

Uozumi has the tendency to be on early foul trouble. It proved to be a fatal flaw especially in their games against Kainan and Shohoku. He retired from basketball to help his parents in their family business. Takehiko Inoue was quoted saying that he's fave character in SD is this big fella.


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